Shoe Repair Services

Reduced cost & increased comfort
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Shoe repair can save you money, make your shoes more comfortable and keep you looking good. Your shoes don't have to look brand new but they should look cared for.

Personal attention
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If you love your shoes, this is the place for you. We care for the shoes you love.

Full service
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We not only replace worn soles and heels, we also provide many other footwear related services.

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Shoes can be stretched for increased comfort.

Water & stain protection
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Shoes can be professionally waterproofed to protect from salt and other stains.

Shoe life extension
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Older shoes can be conditioned and polished to extend their life.

Non-skid heel tips
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Heel tips can be changed from hard to non-skid rubber.

Protective soles
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Protective soles can be applied to prolong the life of leather soles and increase slip resistance.

Wear resistant heel plates
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Heel plates can be applied to prolong the life of the heel.

Hardware replacement
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Eyelets, hooks, buckles and other hardware can be replaced.

Elastic & Velcro
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Elastic and Velcro can be replaced or extended.

Sole & heel height
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Sole and heel heights can be adjusted to accommodate leg length differences.


Many other services

• Belt Shortening

• Handbag stitching

• Luggage repair (when possible)



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