Shoe Repairman - Video Tutorial

3 min U Tube video produced by Kent Miller

Tango Moments: Love YourShoes, Vol.9 No.2, 2007
Jim Picard, owner of Fast Eddie's Shoe Repair near Loring Pasta Bar in Dinkytown (1316- 4th St. S.E., 612-623-4464), sees a lot of dance shoes, thanks in part to his tap-jazz-and-ballet-dancing wife Marcia and her students. read more
City Pages: Best of the Twin Cities, 2000
Shoes fall apart. And when they do, we usually just throw them out. But what about those Birkenstocks you've had for years? Are you supposed to part ways now just because the soles have worn through to the cork? Not if Eddie has anything to say about it. read more
Minnesota Daily: Winter Road Salt Damage Preventable, 1998
Road salt can cause white lines on shoes, which are especially noticeable on leather."We have a salt remover, a chemical treatment to dissolve salt," said Jim Pickard, otherwise known as Eddie, who owns Fast Eddie's Shoe Repair in Dinkytown. read more
City Pages: Best of the Twin Cities, 1997
Yeah, he's fast--he got my split but beloved Timberlands back on my feet inside of a week at a fraction of the cost of new boots, which I was all ready to buy. But why? Isn't there enough waste in the world already? read more
Minnesota Daily: Dinky Town Sings Road Construction Blues, 1996
For people traveling through Dinkytown this spring, "getting there" hasn't been too enjoyable. Confusion and traffic jams have become a rite of passage on the East Bank as construction continues along University Avenue. Some regular commuters and business owners say the worst has just begun. read more